Taxes & Tariffs

Taxes optimization business concept. Businessman draw simple graph with descending curve.

US Consults negotiates discretionary abatements, credits and exemptions for the following taxes:

  • Sales & Use
  • Real Property
  • Personal Property
  • State Income
  • Federal

We have delivered 100% property tax abatements, 100% sales and use tax exemptions (where not otherwise eligible), and significant federal and state tax credits (including salable tax credits) and refunds. We create effective economic, technological, and other obsolescence arguments. We are able to monetize tax credits, including at NPV when the credits vest over a multi-year schedule.

Although a client may have an extensive tax department, we have always created significant new tax related opportunities.

US Consults has identified and then delivered significant cost reduction opportunities in purchasing for our clients through leveraging Foreign Trade Zones. We have negotiated the following benefits for clients:

  • Property Tax Exemptions and Abatements
  • Sales & Use Tax Exemptions
  • Tariff Inversion
  • Quota Management