Employment & Training

Berufsausbildung in der Industrie, Meister und Azubi

US Consults is not an employment agency. Rather, the firm significantly reduces employment related costs through negotiating cash, tax credits, and services from government agencies. These benefits are often significant, making a profound impact on a company’s P&L.

Similarly, US Consults is not a training company. Instead, the firm specializes in obtaining funding for a client’s training needs. The funding can be in the form of cash grants (often measured in the millions of dollars), cash reimbursements, free services, tax credits, and tax refunds.

Some examples of our success in this area:

  • US Consults negotiated $5 million in a series of training grants for a client with 800 employees.
  • US Consults’ clients were awarded the only grants made to the private sector by a federal agency
  • US Consults has successfully instituted pre-employment training for its clients in numerous states.
  • US Consults’ clients have been awarded well over $50 million in training grants (federal and state). In many instances, its clients have received the highest grant awards in their respective states.